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Additional Key Features

🌎 100,000+ Location Tracking Points

🌎100,000+ Location Tracking Points

Track your keywords across 100,000+ geographical points with Wope's granular location tracking capability.

Most tools only allow tracking keywords by country or state-level locations. But Wope offers unmatched local-level transparency.

Our location database includes:

  • 📍 Over 100,000 cities/towns
  • 🏙️ Zip codes
  • 🗺️ Neighborhoods
  • 🏞️ DMA regions

Gain insights into ranking performance by city, zipcode, suburb, and more. See how visibility fluctuates at a hyper-local level.

This uncovers optimization opportunities such as:

  • ✅ Improving rankings in a certain metro area
  • 🔧 Tailoring pages for a specific neighborhood
  • 📶 Enhancing conversions in high-potential regions

With extra-precise location tracking, you have the visibility to geo-target SEO efforts down to the neighborhood level.