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v2.4.3 Release Note


In this release, we've introduced a new feature for mobile search redirection, streamlined various platform functionalities to enhance efficiency, and corrected multiple bugs to improve overall system reliability. We’re excited to share these updates to enhance your experience with our platform.

✨ What's New

  • Configurable Mobile Results Redirect: Added a new configuration option for mobile search results, allowing for more flexible handling of redirects to ensure users are directed to the most relevant page based on their search query.

🌱 Improvements

  • Data Query Response Streamlining: Enhanced the efficiency of data queries by removing unnecessary elements, which speeds up response times and simplifies data handling.
  • Subscription Management Enhancements: Improved the accessibility of subscription limit modifications and billing information updates directly from the sidebar footer, making account management more convenient.
  • Search Console Enhancements:
    • Streamlined the appearance of the Search Console's empty state by removing date displays for a cleaner interface.
    • Introduced a new dialog for easier Search Console connectivity, simplifying the setup process.

🪡 Bug Fixes

  • Date Display Correction in Position Column: Fixed the incorrect date display in the market page's chart table, ensuring the position column shows accurate information.
  • Tag Management After Project Deletion: Resolved issues with tag menus not updating after project deletion, ensuring they now accurately reflect the tags of the current project.
  • Visibility of Deleted Project Tags: Fixed a bug where tags from a deleted project remained visible in another project's tag menu; tags now update correctly to show only those relevant to the active project.
  • Trial End Notification Accuracy for AppSumo Users: Corrected trial end notifications for AppSumo users to ensure they receive precise account status updates.
  • Keyword Count Display in Tag Filter Menu: Addressed the issue where keyword counts were displayed as "empty" in the Tag Filter menu; counts now correctly represent the number of keywords without tags.
  • Enhanced Project Creation Error Handling: Improved the error handling during project creation to address and reduce the incidence of 500 internal server errors.