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v2.1.2 Release Note


This release focuses on enhancing the stability and performance of our services, from SERP analysis to project management, ensuring our tools are more intuitive and efficient for all our users.

✨ What's New

  • SERP Analysis Enhancements: We've enhanced our SERP analysis capabilities, offering a more accurate and seamless experience when researching search engine results pages.
  • Project Management Improvements: Resolved issues affecting project creation and visibility, including eliminating visibility of deleted projects in certain menus and fixing delays in project setup, for a smoother workflow and clearer project status understanding.
  • Content Generation and Management: Implemented fixes for content and data loading issues across different browsers and platforms, enhancing the reliability and speed of content generation and project management functionalities.
  • User Account and Subscription Management: Improved the activation process for various subscription tiers, ensuring users can smoothly upgrade and manage their plans without encountering issues.

🌱 Improvements

  • Performance Optimizations: We've made significant improvements to the Overview page and overall platform performance, reducing loading times and enhancing the responsiveness of our suite.
  • Tag and Data Management Enhancements: Fine-tuned our tag filtering methods and addressed data extraction issues, ensuring more accurate organization and analysis of your marketing data.
  • Customer Support Enhancements: Enhanced direct support channels, offering personalized sessions with our technical staff to quickly resolve any user issues, ensuring you can maximize the value of our suite without delays.

🪡 Bug Fixes

  • Access and Functionality Issues: Fixed access problems to key features such as the brief generator, ensuring all users can utilize our full range of tools without interruption.
  • Data Integrity and Loading: Addressed multiple instances where data or content was not properly loading, ensuring a consistent and reliable user experience across our platform.
  • Account Activation and Project Creation: Resolved specific issues with account activations and project creation, particularly for tiered accounts and special plans, enhancing the onboarding process for new and existing users.
  • Keyword and Project Management Fixes: Corrected keyword selection errors and enhanced data comparison features, improving accuracy and insights for SEO research and content strategy.