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v2.2.1 Release Note


From improvements in competitor analysis and keyword tracking to optimizations for a smoother user interface, these changes are designed to support your SEO research and content generation more effectively.

✨ What's New

  • Competitor Analysis Enhancements: Gain dynamic and comprehensive insights by adding or modifying competitors in your website analysis.
  • Rank Tracker Keyword Addition: Effortlessly add keywords from Research directly to Rank Tracker projects, with options for project addition or clipboard copying, enhancing the tracking of keyword performance.
  • Integration and Usability Enhancements: Manage your integrations more effectively with a new dedicated settings page and benefit from updated image action behaviors and enriched user guides for a smoother experience.

🌱 Improvements

  • Performance and Usability Optimizations: Enhanced the overall performance of the Overview page, reducing load times and improving user interaction. Improved table functionality and content search backend, ensuring a more efficient and enjoyable user experience.
  • Content and Image Management: Streamlined the process for searching content and managing images, including AI-generated and Unsplash images, for better usability and aesthetics.

🪡 Bug Fixes

  • Plan Activation and Account Management: We've fixed critical issues affecting the activation of lifetime plans, including those purchased through AppSumo, and resolved account activation errors to prevent access issues.
  • Project Creation and Data Display: Addressed errors in project creation due to country and city mismatches and corrected the display of exported CTR values for accurate data analysis.
  • UI and Content Management Fixes: Improved the loading indicators for image sliders, updated tooltip styles for better visibility, and ensured SERP descriptions are consistently visible.