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v2.2.3 Release Note

Beyza Kaynar

From refining the way you manage tags to optimizing our content generation capabilities, every update is aimed at helping you achieve better SEO research outcomes and create high-quality marketing content more efficiently.

What's New

  • User Guide Enhancements: To streamline your navigation and utilization of our suite, we've introduced intuitive hints across key features. These hints, equipped with titles, descriptions, and tips, aim to enhance your understanding of our tools. They appear in a sequence, with options to revisit or dismiss permanently for a tailored learning experience.
  • AI-Powered Features:
    • Content Directive Generation: We've fine-tuned the process of generating content directives, ensuring a seamless and accurate creation of your marketing content.
    • Enhanced AI Image Streaming: Now, generate multiple image alternatives from a single prompt, offering a richer variety of visual content to choose from for your marketing needs.

🌱 Improvements

  • Tag Management: We've refined tag management to boost your keyword organization:
    • Enhanced the tag filtering to support exact matches.
    • Streamlined the addition of new tags, updating data directly in the frontend for efficiency.
    • Improved the overall user experience with tag creation, editing, and management.
  • Performance Enhancements:
    • Optimized the Overview page’s performance for smoother navigation and interaction.
    • Enhanced system efficiency through various backend optimizations, including the temporary reintroduction of reliable AI models to ensure the stability of AI-powered features.

🪡 Bug Fixes

  • Account and Project Management:
    • Addressed issues with account activation and project creation, including fixes for tier 2 account activations and unexpected errors during new project setups.
  • SERP Preview: Corrected the functionality in SERP preview within keyword analysis, ensuring accurate representations of search engine results.
  • Keyword Management: Solved issues around keyword limit displays and project creation that affected user experience and efficiency.
  • Content and Research Tools: Initiated a research project to deepen our understanding of the competitive landscape and user needs, aiming to further refine our SEO and content generation tools.