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v2.2.4 Release Note

Beyza Kaynar

In this latest release, we've added new features and enhancements to our AI-Powered Marketing Suite, including a significant update to user customization options and the introduction of helpful user guide hints. Our focus continues to be on improving your experience and workflow with our platform.

✨ What's New

  • Sidebar Updates Preference: Personalize your experience by customizing how your sidebar updates are handled. Choose to keep updates open or close them, and we'll remember your preferences.
  • DatePicker Last Day Update: We've updated the DatePicker to accurately reflect the latest available date, ensuring you're always working with the most current information.
  • Feedback for Subscription Creation Flow: We've improved the subscription creation flow by adding clear feedback messages, helping you understand your subscription status immediately.

🌱 Improvements

  • Tag Filter Enhancements: We've made improvements to the TagFilter, including reducing the character limit for creating tags and ensuring selections accurately reflect changes in cache data.
  • Push Space Data Immediately After Creation: We've improved the process of adding new spaces, ensuring they're immediately available in the frontend without the need to re-fetch all spaces.
  • Overview Page Performance: The loading and rendering processes of the Overview page have been optimized for a smoother, faster experience.
  • Enhanced Visibility for New Space Creation: We've updated the onboarding component to more accurately reflect payment types and subscription statuses, offering clearer guidance for users.
  • Refactor Hook Codes: By simplifying the codebase and refactoring hooks across various components, we've improved efficiency and usability across the platform.
  • Update New Space Step 2 Visibility: Adjustments have been made to ensure the onboarding component accurately reflects your subscription status, providing a more tailored experience.
  • User Guide - Hints: New helpful hints and tips have been introduced across the platform to aid in feature utilization, designed to provide timely, context-specific assistance.

🪡 Bug Fixes

  • Stuck at 100% Project Loading: We resolved an issue causing projects to appear ready when they were actually stuck at 100% loading. Your dashboard will now accurately reflect your project's readiness.
  • Cache Management for Market Pages: We've fixed a caching issue affecting the Market pages, ensuring metric selection data is accurately displayed after page refreshes.
  • AppSumo Activation Issues: We've addressed activation problems for certain purchases, ensuring users receive the correct subscription status.
  • Project Limit Update Mechanism: We've corrected the project limit update mechanism to ensure changes are properly applied and reflected.
  • Content Directive Generation Fix: Issues with content directive generation have been resolved to streamline and improve the content creation process.
  • Fix Button Warning and Ignore Tables Without Tags: We've fixed a warning with the tag filter button and improved handling for tables without tags to enhance usability.