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v2.3.1 Release Note

Beyza Kaynar

In this latest release, we are excited to unveil new functionalities and enhancements tailored to streamline your workflow and boost your website's SEO and content creation capabilities. This update is designed with your productivity in mind, introducing a new feature that allows for customized notification preferences.

✨ What's New

  • Sidebar Updates Preference: Enhance your user experience with our new sidebar notification customization. This feature allows you to control the visibility of notifications based on your interaction, ensuring a more personalized workspace.

🌱 Improvements

  • Plan Downgrade Adjustments: We've made updates to improve the clarity and accuracy of displayed amounts and limits when adjusting your subscription plan.
  • Schedule Status and Add-Ons Calculation: Enhanced the user interface for smoother navigation and understanding during plan changes.
  • Annual Pricing Updates: Revised the display of annual pricing details to offer clear and concise information about costs and renewals.
  • Tag Filter Enhancements: We've reduced the character limit required for tag creation and enhanced the tag filtering mechanism for more accurate selections.
  • Analysis Box Scrolling Animation: Improved scrolling animations within analysis boxes for a smoother user experience.
  • Data and Limits Update: Optimized data handling and updated dialogues to enhance the user experience, especially during plan modifications.
  • Cache Handling for Limits and Add-On Count in Requests: We've fine-tuned the system to avoid discrepancies in limit and add-on tracking, ensuring accurate user entitlements.
  • Renewal Price for Add-Ons and Usage Type Addition: Adjusted renewal price calculations and improved limit management for a clearer understanding of resource usage.
  • Update Hint Feature: Upgraded the hint system to provide more effective guidance and support across our platform.

🪡 Bug Fixes

  • Space Deletion Reversal: We have resolved a significant error to secure your projects, ensuring spaces cannot be mistakenly removed.
  • Member Removal Error: Fixed an issue to allow proper removal of members from a project space.
  • Downgrade Schedule Data: We've improved the process for applying new limits during plan downgrades for seamless transitions.
  • Project Setup Progression: Addressed a bug to ensure the project setup process completes successfully without stalling.
  • SERP Optimizer Tool: Enhanced the reliability of the SERP Optimizer by fixing prevailing malfunctions.
  • AI Word & Report Limit Downgrade: The user interface now instantly reflects changes when limits are decreased, maintaining data accuracy.
  • AppSumo Activation Issue: Resolved a licensing activation problem specifically affecting AppSumo users.