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v2.4.1 Release Note


This release brings a host of improvements aimed at refining user management, enhancing keyword handling, and optimizing project creation workflows. We're excited to unveil updates that streamline operations and provide a more intuitive user interface.

✨ What's New

  • Comprehensive User Management: We've streamlined the management of users across spaces and projects. Now, you can manage all users, including project participants, from a single location, improving both user invitations and project access visibility.
  • Enhanced Keyword Management: New backend support for managing untagged keywords has improved our keyword management. This allows for more precise filtering and management in various parts of our platform.
  • Project Creation Flow: We've enhanced the project creation process to provide clearer error messages and smoother redirection to the project page upon successful creation.

🌱 Improvements

  • UI/UX Enhancements: We've overhauled the user management interface for improved clarity and control over user roles, invitations, and project access.
  • System Optimizations:
    • Implemented a new Lambda function triggered by updates to streamline automated tasks and data handling.
    • Refined and refactored backend logic and frontend UI elements, like the handling of column visibility and metric code, to improve maintainability and future scalability.
  • Limit Management: Adjusted backend checks to prevent project limits from being set lower than the active keyword count, ensuring consistency and logical management of project settings.

🪡 Bug Fixes

  • User and Project Management: We've addressed several issues to enhance user and project management:
    • Fixed a bug preventing the deletion of users with pending invitations.
    • Corrected project count error handling to prevent project creation failure due to mismatched plan and usage values.
    • Updated visibility issues with the activation field, ensuring users can find the option to add their license after logging in.
    • Resolved excessive padding in the project menu's search bar, enhancing UI cleanliness.
  • Tag and Keyword Handling: We've made improvements in tag and keyword handling:
    • Updated all tag-containing menus to hide irrelevant tags, ensuring cleaner user interfaces.
    • Corrected the tag filter menu to accurately reflect keyword counts, addressing issues with duplicate keyword counting.