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v2.4.4 Release Note


This release introduces expanded access for AppSumo users, a host of improvements to system functionalities, and several bug fixes that enhance the usability and performance of our platform. We're excited to continue improving your experience and providing more robust tools for your content and SEO strategies.

✨ What's New

  • AppSumo Content and Research Access: AppSumo users across all tiers now have enhanced access to our Content and Research products within their respective limits, allowing them to fully leverage the platform's capabilities to boost their content strategy and research efforts.

🌱 Improvements

  • Lifetime Deal Activation Process: We've streamlined the activation process for lifetime deals, making it simpler and clearer, with updated terminology to enhance understanding of activation status.
  • Dialog Stability Enhancements in Settings: Improved user experience by preventing dialog windows from closing during processing in the Settings > Projects area, ensuring important operations are not interrupted.
  • Error Messaging for Space Creation: Enhanced error messaging during space creation to provide clearer guidance when encountering issues like duplicate space slugs.
  • Search Console Integration Enhancements: Updated the integration with Google Search Console, removing unnecessary date displays on empty states and refining data queries for better efficiency.
  • Expanded Sidebar Footer Information: Added comprehensive information to the sidebar footer, including trial details, account status, and project limits, keeping users well-informed about their account and project status.
  • Backend Integration for Free Tools: Initiated backend integration using Apify APIs to support the creation of free tools, enhancing the platform's utility and overall value for users.
  • Optimized Keyword Tagging and Management: Streamlined keyword tagging and management processes, improving the efficiency of keyword organization and retrieval.
  • Enhanced Metric Visibility UI: Improved the user interface for metric visibility options, ensuring that parent metrics accurately reflect the visibility status of their child metrics for a more intuitive customization experience.
  • Data Management for ClickHouse: Developed a new service for efficient data importing from S3 to ClickHouse, including data mapping and batching, which supports enhanced data analysis capabilities.
  • Enhanced Search Console Data Queries: Implemented detailed data queries for project-based Google Search Console data, enhancing the accuracy and detail of SEO metric retrieval.

🪡 Bug Fixes

  • Keyword Finder Loading Enhancements: Fixed an issue where the keyword finder displayed a "no keywords found" message before showing the correct loading state; it now directly displays the loading indicator, providing a smoother experience.
  • Project Creation Error Handling: Resolved a critical error that previously hindered project creation, ensuring a smoother setup process without internal server errors.
  • SERP History Data Accuracy: Corrected data display issues in SERP history analysis, ensuring all relevant data is accurately reflected, which improves the accuracy of SERP history insights.