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v2.5.1 Release Note


In this update, we've introduced new features to enhance communication during plan transitions, improved our mobile app subscription management, and implemented various bug fixes and optimizations to ensure a seamless and efficient user experience. Here’s everything new and improved in this release:

✨ What's New

  • New Mail Templates for Plans: Introduced new email templates designed to improve communication with users regarding scheduled plan changes and subscription updates.
  • AppSumo Content and Research Access: Expanded access for AppSumo users to include Content and Research products with specific limits, enhancing the comprehensive toolset available for their digital marketing efforts.

🌱 Improvements

  • Mobile App Subscription Management: Enhanced the subscription management features within the mobile app, making it easier for users to create new spaces, manage existing subscriptions, and handle lifetime deals directly from their mobile devices.
  • Lifetime Deal Activation Enhancements: Improved the clarity and ease of the lifetime deal activation process, including updates to variable names and the introduction of a new dialog for activating multiple deals simultaneously.

🪡 Bug Fixes

  • SERP History Data Display Correction: Fixed an issue where the SERP history analysis was not displaying all available data, ensuring comprehensive and accurate reflection of search result changes.
  • Competitor Selection Persistence: Resolved a problem where competitor selection would reset when navigating through Market pages; selections now persist across sessions and devices.
  • Empty State Display Logic: Corrected the logic for displaying empty states to ensure they are shown only when appropriate, providing accurate messaging related to competitor and project data.
  • Overview Page Chart Loading: Improved the loading behavior of charts on the Overview page, addressing delays and issues encountered when switching projects or refreshing the page.
  • Notification Badge Behavior: Updated notification badges to disappear only when the menu is closed, ensuring that new messages are seen and not overlooked.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback, which help us keep improving the platform. We're excited for you to experience these enhancements!