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v2.5.2 Release Note


In this update, we introduce several new features aimed at enhancing the user experience with improved navigation and data filtering options, address critical bug fixes, and streamline various processes to enhance user interactions and subscription management.

✨ What's New

  • Loading Indicator for Space/Project Changes: Introduced a loading indicator that activates when switching between spaces or projects, enhancing the visual feedback as data refreshes.
  • Enhanced Filtering Options for Analytics:
    • Page and URL Filters for Rank Tracker and Research: Added new filtering capabilities in Rank Tracker and Research tools that support "contains" and "does not contain" options, facilitating more precise data analysis.
  • Mobile Shopping Sites Configuration: New configuration options are now available for mobile shopping sites, allowing for customized data collection and improved analysis specific to mobile e-commerce platforms.

🌱 Improvements

  • Notification Service Enhancements: Major updates to our notification service ensure users are kept informed about key events related to their subscriptions and spaces:
    • ActiveSubscriptionCreated Event: Enhanced notifications for the creation of active subscriptions.
    • TrialSubscriptionCreated Event: Notifications now inform users when trial subscriptions are created.
    • SpaceSubscriptionMarkedForCancellation Event: Alerts users when a space subscription is marked for cancellation.
    • SpaceSwitchedToFreePlan Event: Notifies users when a space is switched to a free plan.
    • SpacePlanScheduleCreated Event: Improved alerts for the creation of space plan schedules.
    • SpacePlanUpdated Event: Notifications for any updates to space plans.
    • TrialWillExpire Event: Alerts for upcoming trial expirations to help users plan their next steps.
  • Stripe Subscription Activation with AppSumo: Enhanced the onboarding process by setting up a Stripe subscription prior to activating an AppSumo code, smoothing the transition for new users.
  • User Addition with Space Creation: Adjusted the process to automatically include the creator as a user in every new space, accurately reflecting user limits from the start.
  • Simplification of Space Creation: Removed the IsInitialAndBasicPlanSelected field from the space creation process. Spaces are now initially created as drafts and transitioned to trial status through a new streamlined event, enhancing the setup experience.

🪡 Bug Fixes

  • CTR Value Formatting on Charts: Corrected the formatting of CTR values on charts to display percentages instead of decimals, ensuring data is easier to read and interpret.
  • S3 Content Creation with Webhook: Resolved an issue where content settings were not being saved in S3 after a webhook notification, ensuring all content including outlines is correctly stored and retrievable.

This release brings not only functional enhancements but also critical updates to ensure you have a seamless and productive experience on our platform. Thank you for your continued support and feedback.