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Additional Key Features

📊Excel-like UI for Pivot Tables

Experience the convenience of an Excel-like interface with Wope's pivot table functionality.

Wope offers intuitive pivot tables that mimic Excel's drag-and-drop aggregation capabilities.

Easily create pivot tables to:

  • 👆 Group data by ranking ranges
  • 🔢 Summarize by traffic segments
  • 📅 Consolidate by time periods

The flexible aggregation allows analyzing data from multiple perspectives just like using Excel.

Benefits include:

  • 😊 Familiar Excel-like experience
  • 🔎 Dynamic re-grouping of data
  • 📊 Visualize summaries and insights

With pivot tables, you can fluidly re-slice your SEO data on the fly to uncover trends. Interface perfectly with your existing spreadsheet skills.

Wope brings pivot table power directly into your SEO analytics - no manual Excel needed!