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Getting Started

Core Features 💡

Lightning Fast Project Creation

Tired of spending hours just setting up your rank tracker and importing data before you can even start your SEO analysis?

Wope cuts through the noise and complexity to get your tracking running in mere seconds.

Our intuitive AI-powered platform allows you to go from zero to insights faster than ever before. Simply enter your domain, add competitors, and boom - Wope’s intelligence engines start mining search results across devices while you kick back. Let our smart algorithms select relevant keywords to track based on your niche. You’ll be up and running with tailored tracking in under 60 seconds flat.

Creating additional projects is just as seamless. Clone existing projects at the click of a button to easily set up tracking for other sites or clients. Our machine learning capabilties enable one-click imports of keywords, tags, and filters from previous projects, saving you tons of duplicate work.

Wope also makes it insanely easy to import external data through CSV and integrate with tools like Search Console. Our advance AI instantaneously recognizes the structure of any CSV file and lets you visualize the data in no time. Mapping lengthy tag hierarchies or categories? Our system intelligently replicates your existing structure via automated mapping - zero manual tagging required.

With Wope, you can finally stop wasting precious time on project setup and get to uncovering data-driven SEO insights faster than ever before. Our obsession with speed empowers you to maximize your productivity.

Easy CSV Import 💾

Struggling to import keyword tracking data from spreadsheets into your SEO tools? Say goodbye to tediously mapping tags, categories, and structures by hand. Wope's intelligent CSV import seamlessly handles it for you.

Our platform instantly recognizes the structure of any CSV file. Just upload your spreadsheet, and Wope will automatically map tags and categories based on the headers and columns - no manual data mapping required whatsoever. You can import tags arranged in complex hierarchies and categories nested up to infinite levels deep - our AI will replicate it flawlessly every time.

Wope also enables easy merging of new CSV data with existing keywords and projects. Rather than starting from scratch, you can append new keywords and categories onto your current tracking. Our system automatically matches common fields and adds the new data from your spreadsheet intelligently in seconds.

With a few clicks, Wope translates the messy data from your CSV into a beautiful interactive table. Easily manipulate, filter and analyze the imported keywords right inside our app. You can combine external metrics like search volume with Wope's rank data for deeper analysis.

Wope puts an end to the tedious process of configuring CSV imports. Our game-changing automation eliminates the most time intensive parts of data migration - freeing you up to spend time extracting insights. Streamline your SEO workflow and say goodbye to import headaches with Wope.

Excel-like Interface 💻

Tired of clunky, data-dense SEO platforms? Wope offers all the powerful functionality with a beautifully intuitive interface that feels like second nature.

Experience the convenience of a spreadsheet-style layout with capabilities mimicking the fluid interactivity of Excel. Instantly sort, filter, resize columns, and reorder based on any metric. Group and aggregate data for quick summary views. Our customizable table options make it easy to focus on the metrics and dimensions most valuable to you.

Wope's Excel-inspired design allows you to manipulate keywords and data freely without constraints. Dig deep via nested sorting and filtering across multiple parameters. New filter rules are automatically saved for reuse across projects. And easily undo changes or revert to previous table states with a couple clicks.

Forget clunky data exports. Wope enables you to create beautiful customized charts and visualizations with your table data right inside the platform. Instantly filter and sort charts to spotlight key trends and insights. One click copies images or embeds code to share visuals anywhere online.

Don't waste time struggling with inflexible platforms. Wope brings you the power and convenience of spreadsheet analytics tailored specifically for SEO and rank tracking. Our intuitive Excel-inspired interface lets you slice and dice data seamlessly so you can focus on extracting insights.