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How to Create a Space?

Oğulcan Özyavuz


Step 1: Starting to Create a Space

Click on the menu in the upper left corner. This is the first step to start creating a Space.

Step 2: Accessing the "Create Space" Options

When the menu opens, click on the "+" button next to the spaces. This allows you to move on to the onboarding process of creating a new Space.
Alternatively, Access with Shortcut Keys (Mac or Windows)
Alternatively, you can quickly reach the "Create Space" button by pressing the "Command + K" (Mac) or "Ctrl + K" (Windows) shortcut keys.

Step 3: Entering Space Information

A new window or page will open for the creation of the Space. On this screen, you will see a "Space Name" and an automatically created "Space URL". This URL will be in the form of "".
Optional Change of Your Space Name
If you wish, you can change the "Space Name" field as you like. This offers you the opportunity to determine the name you will use to identify your Space.

Step 4: Creating Space

After entering your Space name, you can officially create your Space by clicking the "Create Space" button.

Step 5: Inviting Teammates

After the Space is created, you can invite your teammates to this new Space from the screen that opens. It is important to invite your team for collaboration and management of your project.

Step 6: Creating a Project

When your Space is ready, you can move on to the "Create Project" step to create a project. This step enables you to start your tasks by creating your project. You can access the relevant tutorial link to create a project.

You can successfully complete the Space creation process by following these steps and start managing your project.