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How to Tag Operations?

Oğulcan Özyavuz


Step 1: Keyword Categorization Using Tags

You can use the tag feature for keyword categorization. This allows you to make analysis easier and more predictable by assigning specific tags to keywords.

Step 2: Filtering by Tags

Click on the "Filter by Tags" button in the upper right corner to filter tags.
Filtering Options:
"Ai Grouping Tags": These tags are automatically generated with artificial intelligence technology and they categorize keywords according to their meanings to facilitate analysis.
"Common Words Tags": These tags contain repeatedly used keywords.
"User Created Tags": These tags are manually added by users and allow you to filter by categories.

Step 3: Tagging Keywords

With the tagging process, you can organize keywords and make analysis more efficient.

Tagging on Tables:

You can follow these steps to perform tagging on tables in the application:
Hover over your table and select the box that appears on the left to click on the "Tag" button.

You can start the tagging process by selecting existing, user-created tags.

If there are no user-created tags, you can create a new tag by clicking the "Create New" button. Then, you can start the tagging process by selecting this created tag.

Nested Tag Addition:

If you want to create another tag under one tag, you can select which tag you want the new tag to be under.

Then, click the "Create" button to create a nested tag.

By following these steps, you can tag keywords, categorize them, and manage your analyses more effectively. Tagging can help better organize your projects.