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Intuitive User Experience 💡

⌨️Keyboard Shortcuts

Experience the convenience of an Excel-like interface with Wope's pivot table functionality.

Wope offers keyboard shortcuts that enable you to navigate your data rapidly without clicking around menus and tabs.

Use simple key commands to:

👆 View rankings (R)

📈 Check traffic metrics (T)
🔎 Search keywords (K)
📉 See recent losses (L)

The keyboard-driven navigation makes accessing data lightning fast. Move seamlessly between different views on the fly.

Power users can fly through analysis and lookups using shortcut keys. Saves time versus hunting through sidebars and dropdowns.

Wope's keyboard shortcuts complement data exploration workflows:

🔍 Quickly inspect metrics
📈 Effortlessly move between insights
⌨️ Rapidly repeat common actions

With a few keystrokes, you can extract the information you need in seconds. Improves focus and keeps you oriented in the data.

Let Wope's handy shortcuts help you become a power analyst! No mouse needed.