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Flexible Multi-Platform Tracking 💻

📱💻Mobile & Desktop Tracking

Take advantage of Wope's free mobile and desktop tracking, enabling you to monitor your website's performance across different devices.

With mobile usage growing, understanding rankings and behavior by device is crucial. Wope makes cross-device tracking easy.

Our platform tracks both mobile and desktop simultaneously for all your keywords. You get insights like:

📱 Keywords ranking higher on mobile vs desktop

💻 Clicks and traffic by device type
📈 Mobile vs desktop ranking volatility

The data reveals optimization opportunities specific to each device. Improve mobile pagespeed, adjust tactics for voice search, fix responsive issues - whatever drives better mobile results.

You can also set thresholds to get alerts for significant mobile vs desktop discrepancies. Stay on top of device-specific gaps as they emerge.

With Wope's mobile and desktop tracking, you have the cross-device visibility to tailor SEO strategies that cover all screens and devices.