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Granular Data Analysis 🔬

🔢Multiple Sorts

Efficiently sort and organize your data with Wope's multiple sort options.

Wope allows you to sort your keyword and ranking data according to any parameter with a simple click.

Sort by factors like:

📈 Keyword volume
📉 Ranking position
📊 Traffic

⏱️ Keyword age

Instantly rearrange your data to group and analyze based on what matters most.

The flexibility to sort on multiple dimensions enables drill-down analysis from many angles:

🔎 Inspect high-volume keywords

📉 Identify top ranking losses

📈 Analyze best performers

Spot trends, surface optimization opportunities, and draw comparisons by re-sorting on the fly. No complex setup needed.

Wope’s multiple sorts empower you to arrange data how you want it. Dynamic sorting improves productivity by enabling rapid segmentation and prioritization