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Granular Data Analysis 🔬

📂Nested Filters

Refine and analyze your SEO data with ease using Wope's multiple and nested filtering capabilities.

Apply multiple filters simultaneously to segment your data for focused analysis.

For example, easily filter for:

🔍 Keywords with high search volume
📈 That rank on page 1
📉 And drive low traffic

Nested filtering allows building complex logic to isolate metrics based on elaborate criteria.

Create filters such as:

((Volume > 500) AND (Position < 5)) AND (Clicks < 100)

The customizable parameters and boolean logic enable deriving sharper insights by scrutinizing finely-tuned cuts of your data.

Wope allows you to painlessly create complex filters without coding or queries. Instantly segment and analyze your SEO data from every angle.

Isolate factors, slice datasets, and derive insights no spreadsheet could produce. The robust filtering makes even the largest datasets manageable.