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Powerful Metrics and Analytics

📈Position Distribution

Analyze the distribution of keyword positions with Wope's position distribution feature.

Getting keywords to rank is core to SEO success. The position distribution graph lets you visualize how your keywords are spreading across top rankings vs lower positions.

At a macro level, you can view the percentage of keywords ranking:

👆 In the top 5
🚶‍♂️ On page 1
📉On page 2 and below

Ideally, you want to see more weight towards higher rankings and less on the bottom pages.

If many keywords cluster on page 2+, it indicates opportunities to improve keyword targeting, content, and on-page factors to push more to the top.

Over time, you can assess whether you are making progress moving keywords upwards on the SERPs. More top 3-5 rankings signify improving performance.

The distribution graph lets you diagnose overall rankings health and progress at a high level. You can identify weaknesses creeping in and respond appropriately to keep momentum headed upward.