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Seamless Collaboration 🤝

📩Project Sharing

Collaborate and share your SEO projects with team members or clients using Wope's share project feature.

SEO is a team effort. Wope's project sharing makes it simple to provide access to your data.

Just enter the email addresses you want to share with. Control permissions - give view-only access or enable collaborators to edit the project.

Shared users can analyze rankings, traffic, keywords - everything you can. Comments and annotations make it easy to discuss insights as a team.

The centralized access becomes a hub for alignment. Everyone stays up to date on the latest project performance.

For agencies, easily share client accounts without any manual exports or setup. Let clients self-serve to answer their own questions while maintaining control over their view.

The seamless sharing experience enhances collaboration, whether internally or externally. Different stakeholders get on the same page faster to drive strategies forward.

No more siloed data or meetings to sync up. With Wope's sharing, the insights flow freely to those who need them. Streamlined and simple.