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Powerful Metrics and Analytics

💡Real Visibility

Get an accurate measure of your website's visibility with Wope's Real VisibilityTM calculation.

Traditional keyword rankings only tell part of the story. With the growth of SERP features, you need a more comprehensive visibility metric.

That's where Real Visibility comes in. It analyzes ranking positions combined with your presence in other impactful SERP features.

Examples include:

📰 Featured snippets
📷 Image search results

🎬 Video carousels
🗺 Maps listings

By assessing visibility across multiple elements, you get a truer representation of search exposure.

The Real Visibility score also applies weighted values to each feature based on relevance and traffic potential. This prevents inflated perceptions from vanity metrics.

With a holistic visibility rating, you can better gauge your site's discoverability in search. Compare how you stack up to competitors. Identify "hidden" visibility gaps being overlooked.

Wope's Real Visibility metric brings clarity to the ever-changing SERP landscape. You get an accurate, at-a-glance measure of performance across all features that build awareness and drive traffic.