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Additional Key Features

🤝Shared Projects

Collaborate seamlessly with team members or clients by sharing specific projects within Wope's platform.

Wope makes it easy to provide access to your projects for improved teamwork.

Simply invite collaborators via their email address and assign permission levels:

  • 👀 View-only access
  • ✏️ Edit access to modify projects

Shared users can then:

  • 📈 Monitor rankings and metrics
  • 📝 Add annotations and comments
  • 📊 Analyze reports and dashboards

Centrally sharing projects keeps everyone aligned through a single source of truth. Great for distributed teams and agencies.

Streamline communication, transparency, and coordination across stakeholders. Eliminate siloed efforts and manual status updates.

With flexible collaboration built-in, Wope powers more productive team workflows. Share insights broadly to make better decisions together.