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Consolidate Client SEO Data and Streamline Workflows

Stop constant context switching. Centralize data. Work smarter as a solopreneur.

As an independent consultant, we know you need capable SEO tools that won't break the bank. Consolidate client data, automate workflows, uncover insights - all within our affordable SEO platform designed for freelancers.

Affordable Pricing

Powerful tools scaled for solo consultant budgets. Pay only for what you need.

Simplified Rank Tracking

Custom branded reports auto-generated for each client on a recurring schedule.

Automated Reporting Export

Customizable reporting automatically generated for all clients.

Surface Cross-Client Insights

Identify new opportunities by spotting trends across clients.

Robust Rank Tracking

Accurate, historical rank data for making optimization decisions.

Optimized Workflows

Automate repetitive tasks to work more efficiently across all accounts.

Dedicated Support

Our consultant support team provides unlimited onboarding and training.

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