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Seamless Collaboration 🤝

🏢Space Sharing

Share your SEO space with others using Wope's share space feature.

Wope's shareable spaces allow seamless collaboration across your team, clients, and partners.

Within your account, create distinct spaces to organize projects - like "Client A" or "Reseller" spaces.

Then selectively share these spaces with relevant collaborators. They gain access to all projects and data within the space.

It provides a centralized workspace tailored specifically for them. Great for empowering clients or channel partners.

Shared spaces enable focused collaboration. Comments, tags, and projects stay contained within the dedicated environment. Add/remove collaborators any time.

Since spaces function independently, you maintain separation across clients and partners. Custom views, permissions, and access control keep data secure.

With shareable spaces, you can foster contextual collaboration that connects the right people to the right projects and insights. Less noise, more signal.