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Powerful Metrics and Analytics

🚦 Traffic Distribution

Understand the distribution of organic traffic across different tags using Wope's traffic distribution feature.

Getting a handle on how traffic flows can pinpoint opportunities for growth. The traffic distribution graph provides a bird's eye view of your highest and lowest traffic tags.

At a glance, you can see which tags are driving the most visits vs those with untapped potential. The distribution highlights both your strengths to double down on, and gaps needing more keyword and content focus.

For example, you may find:

📈 Product comparison tags drive 20% of traffic
📉 Your knowledge base tags only account for 5% of visits

These insights help shape content creation and SEO priorities. Bolster underperforming topics and verticals pulling little weight today. Feed the areas already delivering results.

The traffic distribution visual makes it easy to analyze the bigger picture traffic flows. You can align SEO initiatives to balance and optimize the distribution for sustainable growth.