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Additional Key Features

🔮Unlimited Competitors

Never worry about tracking limits again with Wope's unlimited competitors feature.

Most SEO tools impose strict caps on how many competitors you can monitor - often based on your pricing plan.

But Wope allows unlimited competitor tracking, regardless of your subscription.

  • 👀 Monitor as many competitors as you want, you can view only 5 of the competitors at the same time.
  • ➕ Constantly add new competitors
  • 🔎 No tracking or reporting limits

Get the full competitive landscape perspective without constraints. Keep tabs on all players relevant to your niche and business goals.

The unlimited tracking empowers better competitive analysis to inform your SEO strategy:

  • 📈 Identify rising competitors early
  • ⚔️ Detect competitive threats and opportunities
  • 🔑 Discover competitor weaknesses to target

Say goodbye to selective tracking. Wope gives you the freedom to comprehensively analyze any competitors that impact your market.

Note: It's possible to track up to five competitors concurrently. If you wish to monitor additional competitors, you may do so by removing some of the existing ones.