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Powerful Metrics and Analytics

⚖️Weighted Aggregation

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your SEO performance with Wope's Weighted Aggregated Metrics & Dimension feature.

Most aggregate metrics provide only a surface-level overview. But our weighted aggregation approach tells a deeper story.

It works by allowing you to apply customized weighting rules to metrics and dimensions when rolling up data.

For example, you could:

  • Weight ranking positions so top 3 hold more value
  • Apply higher weight to keywords driving more traffic
  • Prioritize dimensions like title length in aggregation

This produces aggregated metrics tailored to your business priorities. The custom weighting ensures the consolidated view accurately reflects the KPIs most important to you.

By weighting factors like competitive difficulty and search volume, you get unique weighted aggregates for rankings, traffic, click-through rate and more.

The weighted view may reveal very different trends than simple averages. With tailored aggregation, you gain clearer insights to inform SEO decisions.

Wope gives you the flexibility to shape aggregated data that speaks directly to your goals. So you can analyze performance through the lens of what matters most to your organization.