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Creating Your Account

Creating a Project

The experience of creating projects in Wope is quite high. If we go through the project creation stages in order:

1st Step: Website URL + Location + Language

Enter your website URL. Also, you can set a name for your project, but it is optional. After typing in your website URL, Wope automatically finds your website for you, pulls your favicon, and, most importantly, automatically captures your Location and Language information. 🪄

You can change the Location and Language inputs as you wish. These are the Google language and location combinations for keyword tracking.


2nd Step: Choose Your Competitors

This is the stage where we enter the websites of our competitors. Wope will automatically suggest the competitors that are most closely related to your website and have the highest performance on Google in the language and location you have selected. You can also enter competitor websites manually.

After the project is set, you can update your competitors as you wish. Wope allows you to add an unlimited number of websites with the highest traffic performance in the keywords you have added as competitors at any time and examine the retrospective performance of these competitors. 🔮

Note: In Wope's interface, you can compare up to 5 different competitors at the same time. Therefore, the number of competitors you choose at this stage should be a maximum of 5.

3rd Step: Adding Keywords

In Wope, there are three ways to add keywords to your project during the setup phase. These are:

  • Auto-create project: Wope automatically determines your keywords and creates your project. You can also determine the number of keywords Wope will choose, so that it does not exceed the maximum keyword limit of your current plan.
  • Choose from suggestions: Wope offers an effective UI for you to choose from all the keywords it finds for your project and your competitors. If you feel inadequate in keyword analysis, this might be one of the best options!
  • Add keywords manually: This option allows you to add your own keywords to your project. You can write your keywords manually or upload them using any of our file upload options. We will explain this step in detail in the Add Keyword section under "Modules".

You can also leave the keyword addition process for later.