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Getting Started

Table of Content

Getting Started with the Wope Wiki: Your Guide to the AI-Powered Marketing Suite

Welcome to the Wope Wiki, where you’ll embark on a comprehensive journey through the intricacies and powerful features of Wope, your premier AI-powered marketing suite. This guide outlines what you can expect in each section of the wiki, setting you up for success from the start.

1. Creating Your Account

What You’ll Learn: Step-by-step instructions for setting up your Wope account, from sign-up to initial configuration, ensuring a smooth start on your marketing journey.

  • Setting Up Your Account: You will encounter all the steps explained in detail when creating your Wope account.
  • Choose Your Plan: Provide details of all packages so you can choose the right package for your workspace.
  • Creating a Project: Detailed explanation of all creation stages of the project you will create in your Workspace.

2. Research (Beta)

What You’ll Learn: Explore the powerful research tools at your disposal for keyword discovery and backlink analysis, including:

  • Keyword Finder: Strategies for uncovering high-potential keywords.
  • Common Keywords: How to identify and capitalize on keywords shared by your competitors.
  • Backlink Research: Methods for analyzing backlinks to strengthen your SEO.

3. Rank Tracker

  • Overview: Explore the Rank Tracker module to learn how it can enhance your SEO strategy through comprehensive tracking and analysis.
  • Performance: Understand how to monitor and evaluate your site’s SEO performance over time.
  • Market: Insights into analyzing your market position and competitor strategies.
  • Analysis: Techniques for deep analysis to inform your SEO and marketing decisions.

4. Content (Beta)

What You’ll Learn: Introduction to the Content module, focusing on creating, optimizing, and strategizing content with AI-driven insights to engage your audience and boost SEO.

5. Google Reports

What You’ll Learn: Discover the power of the Google Report feature, which integrates Google Search Console API to bring an unprecedented level of detail and accuracy to your SEO metrics. Learn how our perfectly designed UI presents GSC metrics more comprehensively and accurately than ever before, giving you deeper insights into your website's performance.

6. Modules

What You’ll Learn: A closer look at the additional modules that enhance your Wope experience, including:

  • Add Keyword: Simplifying keyword tracking and analysis.
  • Filter by Tags: Organizing and navigating your projects with ease.
  • Device Picker: Customizing views and reports by device type.
  • Date Picker: Analyzing performance over specific time frames.
  • Quick Actions: Streamlining your workflow with shortcuts.
  • Help & Support: Accessing resources and assistance for any questions or challenges.

7. Settings

What You’ll Learn: Tailor Wope to your needs by understanding the settings options available, including:

  • Space Settings: Customize your working environment.
  • Project Settings: Adjust settings for specific projects to align with your goals.
  • User Settings: Manage your profile and preferences for an optimized user experience.

Each section and subsection of this wiki is designed to be comprehensive, offering written content, video tutorials, and GIFs to accommodate various learning preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or new to digital marketing, our goal is to provide you with the tools and knowledge to leverage Wope effectively in your strategies.

Next Steps

  • Begin by Setting up your account to get an overview of Wope’s capabilities.
  • Progress through the sections in order or jump directly to areas of immediate interest.
  • Utilize the search function for quick answers or to explore specific topics.

We Value Your Feedback

  • Your insights are crucial for us. Feel free to share feedback or suggestions as you explore the wiki, which will help us improve and expand our resources.

Embark on your journey with Wope and transform your digital marketing strategy with our AI-powered marketing suite. Welcome to a world where marketing meets efficiency and innovation.