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Daily Comparison: In-Depth 1vs1 Competitor Analysis

The Daily Comparison screen within the Rank Tracker allows you to perform a detailed 1vs1 comparison analysis between your website and one of your selected competitors. By comparing your daily performance side by side, you can gain valuable insights into your competitor's strategies, identify areas where you excel or lag behind, and make data-driven decisions to improve your search performance.

Understanding the Daily Comparison Screen

The Daily Comparison screen is divided into two main sections: the Daily Comparison Chart and the Keywords table.

Daily Comparison Chart

The Daily Comparison Chart provides a visual representation of your website's daily performance compared to your selected competitor for a specific metric. By default, the chart displays the Position metric, but you can easily switch to other key metrics such as Visual Rank, Pixel Rank, Visibility, Traffic, or Ads Value.

Note: You can choose one competitor at a time from the 5 competitors you have selected on the Competitors screen.

The chart allows you to quickly identify trends, spot significant changes, and assess how your website stacks up against your competitor on a daily basis.

Keywords Table

The Keywords table shows a detailed breakdown of how your website performs against your selected competitor for each tracked keyword. The table includes the following metrics:

  • Keyword: The specific keyword phrase being analyzed.
  • Volume: The average monthly search volume for the keyword.
  • Position: The ranking position of your website and your competitor for the keyword.
  • Change: The change in ranking position compared to the previous data point.
  • Date Added: The date the keyword was added to your tracking project.
  • Page: The URL of the ranking page for your website or your competitor.
  • Location: The country or region the keyword is being tracked for.
  • Language: The language the keyword is being tracked for.

The table allows you to drill down into individual keyword performance and identify specific areas where you can optimize your strategy to outperform your competitor.

Conducting a 1vs1 Competitor Analysis

The Daily Comparison screen empowers you to conduct a thorough 1vs1 competitor analysis and uncover actionable insights. Here are some ways to leverage this information:

  1. Identify performance gaps: Look for keywords where your competitor consistently outranks you. Analyze their content, backlinks, and on-page optimization for those keywords to identify gaps in your own strategy. Use this information to prioritize improvements and close the performance gap.
  2. Spot competitor weaknesses: Identify keywords where you consistently outperform your competitor. These are areas where you have a competitive advantage. Double down on your efforts for these keywords to maintain your lead and further solidify your position.
  3. Monitor daily fluctuations: Keep an eye on the daily changes in the chart to spot any significant fluctuations. If your competitor suddenly experiences a sharp increase or decrease in rankings, investigate the potential reasons behind the change. This could indicate a shift in their strategy, an algorithm update, or technical issues on their website.
  4. Analyze different metrics: Take advantage of the ability to switch between different metrics in the chart. Analyzing metrics like Visibility, Traffic, and Ads Value can provide a more comprehensive understanding of your competitor's performance beyond just rankings. This can help you identify opportunities to improve your own visibility, traffic potential, and advertising strategy.
  5. Identify content gaps: Review the ranking pages for your competitor's top-performing keywords. Look for content types, formats, or topics that they are targeting effectively. Identify any content gaps on your own website and consider creating similar or better content to compete for those keywords.

Best Practices and Tips

To get the most out of the Daily Comparison screen, consider the following best practices:

  • Regularly conduct 1vs1 comparisons with each of your top competitors to stay informed about their strategies and performance.
  • Use the date range selector to analyze competitor performance over specific periods, such as before and after a major algorithm update or a significant change in your own strategy.
  • Combine insights from the Daily Comparison screen with other sections of the Rank Tracker (e.g., Competitors, Position Distribution) to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your competitive landscape.
  • Use the Location and Language filters to analyze competitor performance in specific regions or languages that are relevant to your target audience.
  • Export the data for further analysis or to create visual aids for reporting and presentations.
  • Don't get discouraged if a competitor outperforms you for certain keywords. Use it as motivation to improve your own strategy and continuously optimize your website.

By leveraging the Daily Comparison screen, you can gain a deep understanding of how you stack up against your competitors on a daily basis, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to outrank them in the search results.