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Projects Settings: Managing Your Wope Projects

The Projects Settings page in Wope allows you to efficiently manage and organize all the projects within your space. You can access this page by navigating to the "Projects" tab in the Settings menu.

Managing Projects

The Manage Projects section provides an overview of all your projects, along with useful management tools:

  1. Search: Use the search bar to quickly find specific projects by name or domain.
  2. Create: Click the "Create" button to start a new project within your space.
  3. Project List: View all your projects, along with their domain names, Location, Language, and the number of keywords tracked for each project.

Project Actions

For each project, you have several actions available:

  • Rename project: Change the name of your project to better reflect its purpose or target domain.
  • Keyword max-limit: Set the maximum number of keywords allowed for the project. This limit is determined by the total keyword limit of your space, which is based on your current subscription plan. For example, if your space has a total keyword limit of 1,000, you can distribute those keywords among your projects as needed. Setting a project's max limit to 250 means you can add up to 250 keywords to that specific project, leaving the remaining 750 keywords for other projects in your space. If no limit is set, the project can use the entire keyword quota available for the space.
  • Delete project: Remove the project and all its associated data from your space. Note that this action will permanently delete the project and cannot be undone.

Project Status

Projects in your space can have two different statuses:

  1. Active: These projects are currently being tracked and analyzed by Wope. They will appear under the "ACTIVE" section in the Manage Projects list.
  2. Inactive: Projects that have been paused or are no longer being actively tracked will appear under the "INACTIVE" section. You can reactivate these projects at any time by clicking on them and selecting the appropriate option.

By utilizing the Projects Settings page, you can keep your Wope space organized, easily manage your projects, and ensure that you're tracking the most relevant data for your marketing efforts.